About Us

The Estate is served by a Private Limited Company

Elmer Sands Limited (ESL):

The Company can have up to fifteen voluntary Directors on its Council at any one time. The Directors are a cross-section of Elmer Sands resident Members, elected by the Membership and they retire by rotation.  Directors have a common interest in keeping the Estate well managed and maintained.  The Directors meet formally throughout the year to discuss Council business and vote on a wide variety of proposals. The Council splits into working groups to focus on specific issues.

The Company currently has two employees, The Company Secretary and the Treasurer.  In addition, the regular services of contractors are hired to undertake essential activities: Grounds & Garden Maintenance, Parking Management and Security, Solicitor and Accountant.    Other contractors are hired to carry out specific maintenance work such as road and drain repairs and all other duties including those of the ESL Chairman and Directors are voluntary.

The Company Secretary is responsible for keeping the Company’s statutory records and filing reports with Companies House; administering meetings; dealing with all Company correspondence and enquiries, formal documentation and administration, including the collection and management of membership fees and record keeping. Our Secretary Kim, lives on the Estate and Members have access to her to answer their enquiries and help them deal with a variety of issues.

The Treasurer ensures the correct running of the Company finances, monitors cash flow and investments and provides a monthly report to the Council. The Treasurer also keeps the Company Books and prepares Annual Accounts.

The Grounds & Garden Maintenance Contractors are responsible for seasonal grass cutting of all communal areas, maintaining our gardens and other general maintenance jobs (eg fencing, painting, clearing gullies, weeding, tree and shrub pruning etc).

A Security Company is hired on a ‘call out’ basis, available seven days per week.  The entrances to the Estate are manned by Security Guards during the Summer weekends and Bank Holidays to prevent unauthorised visitors from enterring the Estate.

A Parking Management Company is contracted to issue penalty charges throughout the Estate in accordance with the ESL Parking Policy. This service was introduced to protect the grass verge drainage soak-away system and the roadways from damage and to promote safety for pedestrians and road users.

Facilities The Estate maintains communal facilities for the enjoyment of Members’ and their families including a Private Boating and Angling Club complete with boat berths and launching facilities, an Infants Playground, Recreation Area, Sundeck with disabled access, an enclosed Shingle Garden with a weather shelter, picnic area, ‘Little Library’ and Boules terrain.

The Estate is not only unique, but is very well managed and maintained which means that the value of properties remains high and Elmer Sands continues to be a very desirable place to live.