Registering Your Property/ESL Membership

Registration of Your Property and Membership to Elmer Sands Ltd:

New residents need to register their property for Membership to ESL by completing a Registration Form. Members pay an Annual Estate Management Fee per household to finance the management and maintenance of the Elmer Sands Private Estate, including the running of the Limited Company (ESL) established to protect the rights and interests of its Members.

Members have the right to vote at General Meetings and stand for Council. They have access to our Secretary to assist with any issues or enquiries they may have.  Every Member is considered part of ESL, the Company.   Identification badges (windscreen stickers) are issued to every Member and they are provided with a copy of the Company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association and Annual Report & Accounts.

As with most Private Estates, the maintenance of Elmer Sands relies entirely on finance from its own residents. There is no funding from the Local Authorities other than what is covered by Council Tax payments eg refuse collection and dog waste disposal.  Occasionally the ESL Council applies for Local Government grants to carry out specific projects.

ESL Members are collectively contributing to the maintenance and management of the Estate and they can rely on an established reliable team of volunteers and contractors to secure their assets.

For further details contact the Secretary