Roads & Verges

The Roadways and Grass Verges on the Elmer Sands Estate are owned by Elmer Sands Ltd.

Parking – To protect the roadways and grass verges from damage and to create a safe living environment, Elmer Sands Ltd operates a strict Parking Policy with special concessions for Members.

Maintenance of Verges – Homeowners are asked to maintain the grass verges abutting their own properties. This keeps the overall maintenance fees low and allows for individual grass cutting and design of frontages.

There are virtually no pavements or kerbs on the Estate and not all the roads on the Estate have surface water drains. Therefore the grass verges are one of the most important forms of surface water soak away.

Planting Trees on Verges – Members wishing to plant trees or large shrubs on the verges must submit a formal request to ESL for a Licence which relates to responsibility for maintenance.


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